City employees predict World Series winner

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As the Major League Baseball season gets into the full swing of action, city employees have weighed in with their predictions for which team will this year’s World Series.

One-third of the respondents believe the Los Angeles Dodgers will win this year’s title. The Dodgers last appeared in the World Series in 2020 when they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays. Another 16.6 percent of respondents predicted the New York Yankees to win it all this season. The Yankees last appeared in the World Series in 2009 when they defeated the Philadelphia Phillies.

The only other teams to receive respectable consideration from survey respondents were the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays, coming in with 10 percent each of the predictions.

When asked which is their favorite team, a total of 16.6 percent of respondents considered the Minnesota Twins as their favorite team with the Yankees as the favorite by 10 percent. The Dodgers, Rays, Boston Red Sox, Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers were also chosen as favorites by a number of respondents.

Half of the Major League’s 30 teams were listed as favorites by respondents with 13 teams receiving at least one vote to win the World Series. A third of the respondents selected their favorite team to win the World Series title.

Only one respondent felt the Atlanta Braves would repeat as World Series champions and the Houston Astros, last season’s runner-up, were not chosen as a favorite team or predicted to win this year’s title.

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