City Council makes final decisions on Vision Fund projects

Vision Fund Recommendations 4RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Rapid City Common Council has given the green light to projects receiving Vision Fund money, with distribution taking place through 2024.

11 projects have been approved, with the money totaling just over $26 million. The most money is going to the Indian Boarding Lands Native American Community Center, totaling at $9 million.

Projects for Elevate Rapid City and Sioux Park are also getting significant funding over the next three years.

“There had been some talk on the council about expanding it from a three to a five year process, which is consistent with past years,” Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender explained. “Since 1995, all the vision processes have been five years, but they chose to keep it at three years. That kept about another 16 or so million dollars out of the mix.”

Many projects that had support heading into the meeting also did not receive funding or were tabled, such as the Railroad Quiet Zone.

“We didn’t have any funding available for the Railroad Quiet Zone, which is an integral part of our downtown master plan to provide more housing downtown,” Mayor Allender said. “And our proposal was to quiet that train by putting up physical infrastructure that would make the crossing much safer.”

Over 100 projects to date have been funded by the program, with total funding surpassing $200 million.

Complete list of all 11 approved projects:


  • Native American Community Center/Community Development Corporation – $9 million
    Black Hills Area Community Foundation
    He Sapa Otipi/Indian Boarding Lands
  • Rapid City Strategic Housing Trust Fund for Workforce Housing – $5 million
    Elevate Rapid City
  • 5-year Economic Development Plan – $3 million
    Sioux Park Tennis Restoration Project
  • Rebuilding of Sioux Park tennis courts – $3 million
    Central States Fair
  • Remodel Soule/Fine Arts Building/Livestock Barns/Asphalt Repairs – $980,000
    Main Street Square
  • Investment/repair of equipment/facilities/capital investment at MSS – $70,000
    Rapid City Racers/GREAT Swim Teams
  • Air dome enclosure of the 50-meter Roosevelt Pool – $1.015 million
    Black Hills Mountain Bike Association
  • Bicycle Park by Omaha/Cross/Canal and W. Rapid Streets – $600,000

CITY VISION FUND PROPOSALS approved by Council: – 

  • Knollwood Drainage Area Redevelopment – $1.26 million
  • Star of the West Irrigation/Concrete Replacement – $1.25 million
  • Opportunity Capture Fund – $1.021 million
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