City Council certifies primary vote in special meeting

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Many voters believe that the election results they see in the news are the final results. In the race for city council, the results are not official until the completion of the canvass of votes and certification of results.  The Rapid City, City Council held a special meeting Tuesday to canvass the votes for the five newly elected alderpersons.

The special meeting was necessary because it takes 12 days for meeting minutes to be published and new resolutions do not take effect until two days after publication. The City Council unanimously voted to certify all five newly elected officials and they can now be sworn in at the first City Council meeting in July.

The newly elected City Council members include Jesse Ham in Ward 1, Bill Evans in Ward 2, Greg Strommen in Ward 3, Lance Lehmann in Ward 4, and Pat Roseland in Ward 5.  Ham, Strommen, and Lehmann all ran for election unopposed.



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