City Council approves user fee hike

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Council voted 9 to 1 to approve user fee increases for some city services. That means people will pay more for garbage collections, ambulances, and cemetery fees.

The city hopes the move will compensate city staff for extra time spent filling out paperwork. “What we are trying to do is reimburse the city’s level of effort into those application reviews for many years without being reimbursed,” said Ken Young

The increase also calls for a 25-hundred dollar application fee for tax increment financing districts or “Tiff”. A single tiff application can take 125 hours.

Council also approved writing off 27-hundred unpaid ambulance bills. Most of the bills are uncollectible because of the state’s six-year statute of limitations or because the person died without an estate.

Also passed the park and rec’s proposal to hunt 250 deer within city limits. Curbing population for public safety reasons.

“They’ll have bait stations set up to lure deer from certain neighborhoods and areas. And also cognizant that making sure that its done at a late hour time and away from traffic.” said Darrell Shoemaker

And council gave the green light to explore having a new hockey team come to town. The team is from Niagara Falls, New York would play at the Roosevelt Park Ice Arena.

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