Christmas time at Sophia Square in the Ukraine

Chirstmas In Sophia Square 3

Photo Credit : CNN

Even in the midst of war, the Christmas spirit pushes to shine through.

Take a look at the capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine, where a Christmas tree is being installed. The tree, 12 meters tall, is going up in the city’s Sophia Square. It’s being decorated with “Energy-saving garlands” that will be powered by a generator at certain times. One thousand blue and yellow balls along with white doves will also adorn the tree with a trident at its top.

At its base will be the flags of countries that stand in support of Ukraine. Kyiv’s mayor says the cost of the tree and decorations is being covered by business sponsors and other patrons.

The tree will have to stand as Kyiv’s only public marking of the holiday. City officials say there will not be Christmas markets or mass entertainment events in Sophia Square this year.

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