Children’s Museum of the Black Hills moves forward

Exterior design of the downtown Rapid City museum is unveiled

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Two years after the idea was born, we could be one year away from seeing a museum for kids in Rapid City.

The museum is in stage three of four of its overall plan. To bring the latest in education to the kids of the Black Hills, Dr. Lily Bruckner, found and president of the Children’s Museum of the Black Hills, says it’s going to take more support from the community to see this project through.

Since the Children’s Museum of the Black Hills picked its downtown location, the wheels are turning.

“We’re still in the capital campaign, which we’ve been in since August when we picked our location,” said Bruckner.

Fundraising and gaining support will help more the project from stage three to stage four, which is finishing the renovations.

“Financially, it’s definitely a struggle to get people to take in ownership in what we’re doing,” said Bruckner. “Our total build and budget is about $850,000, so we still have a long way to go.”

The nonprofit is applying for $400,000 in Vision Funds to help jump through the design and construction hoops.

The end result hopes to have a ‘STREAM’ focus in play-based learning.

“‘STREAM’ is the newest acronym that includes the reading and the medicine and we really want to be on the cutting edge of education and really focus on those,” said Bruckner.

The museum looks to include a wind tunnel, climbing tree and many more tools for learning. Bruckner says she’s seen the concept in other parts of the country but just not here in the Black Hills.

“I have seen the impact that children’s museums have had on my kids when I’ve taken them to other communities,” said Bruckner. “The fact that the nearest children’s museum to Rapid City and the Children in the Black Hills is six hours away, that’s significant.”

The goal is to open in 2019 with more plans to be finalized next month.

Bruckner says they’re always looking for more volunteers for the project. If you would like to volunteer or donate, you can find more information on the museum’s website.

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