Children’s Concert for the Chamber Music Festival of the Black Hills

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Musicians from all over the country came on together on Wednesday to put on an interactive concert for kids on the Black Hills.

The Children’s Concert was held at General Beadle Elementary School. Summer camps, parents, and children came out not only to listen to music but to learn about the history of each song.

The performances were put on by the Chamber Music Festival of the Black Hills which aims to engage the community with music.

Genres included classical, modern, tango, and even a popular Disney song.

“Those who are involved they’ll stay in school, they’ll do better in school, their academics will increase, they’re going to do better in life. They’ll have a higher achievement both academically and economically,” said executive director of the festival, Michael Hill. 

Kids were welcome to play some of the featured string instruments after the show.

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