Child swept five Rapid City blocks in rushing storm water

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A child in Rapid City was able to escape rushing storm water after being swept five city blocks along E. Meade Street on Sunday.

It all happened on Sunday afternoon around 2:30 when the Rapid City Fire Department was called to the 300 block of East Meade Street for reports of a12-year-old child who was stuck in a city storm drain. After heavy isolated showers dumped heavy rains on Rapid City, storm water was flowing through drainage basins throughout town.

“The water was really flowing fast through the Robbinsdale area,” said Lt. Jim Bussell with the Rapid City Fire Department.

The child was able to pull themselves out of the water after being washed downstream for five city blocks. They were evaluated by medical services and then released.

“We want to remind everyone that when this high water does occur with these high intensity thunderstorms, people need to stay away from the water.”

Bussell also said that while the 12-year-old was being swept away, his friends tried to rescue him from the water.

“While we certainly appreciate their bravery, that puts them in harms way as well. Without training and flotation being the big thing, it is best to try to keep eyes on the individual, let us know where you last saw them, so we can build a box, put rescuers at the bottom, put rescuers at the top, and conduct a rescue.”



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