Cheyenne River Reservation issues state of emergency following spring storms

CHEYENNE RIVER RESERVATION, S.D. — Officials on the Cheyenne River Reservation issued a state of emergency on Wednesday following spring storms and flooding along the Cheyenne River.

The weather has caused severe damage to vital infrastructure on the reservation and forced several road closures.

In a May 29 release, officials announced that BIA Route 7, BIA Route 9, BIA Route 12 have all been closed. BIA Route 8 also remains closed from a previous washout.

Major road washout along BIA Route 9 on Cheyenne River Reservation. Photo courtesy of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Chairman

The closures have forced some residents to drive miles out of their way to reach their destinations. They also will disrupt summer school bus routes, forcing local schools to dip into their budgets to add more service vehicles.

Photo of a washed out culvert on BIA Route 7. The road connects the community of Blackfoot with Highway 212

Additionally the release says the closures pose a serious safety hazard.

“These road closures will also add additional time for emergency services response to the remote areas serviced by these roads,” the release says. “Response times and distances will increase dramatically along the routes due to the closure.”

On Thursday night, flooding farther south along the Cheyenne River also caused a deep crevice to form on Wilsey Road in the Creighton area.


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