Check out how much food Rapid City and the AFSCME union collected during their food drive


5RAPID CITY, S.D.– After starting a food drive together for the first time, the city of Rapid City and the AFSCME Union released the totals from the event in food and monetary donations.

How it got started

The food drive was started to help residents this holiday season. Compliance Coordinator for the city of Rapid City Gelynn Passmore says that with families struggling and increases in food costs due to inflation, members of the public could provide families with some extra help.

Where the drop-off locations were

There were a total of four locations throughout the downtown area:

  • City Hall at 300 Sixth Street

  • Rapid City Public Library at 610 Quincy Street

  • Rapid City Fire Department at 110 Main Street

  • Family Fare at 751 Mountain View Road

How much was collected

According to the city, a total of 374 pounds of food and non-perishable items were collected from the drop-off locations and $250 in monetary donations from the public. Passmore was grateful for the community’s support in this event and is hopeful for more events.

“We are all so excited,” she said. “The Public Works employees and the AFSCME Union were really excited to try this food drive this year. So it is really reassuring to have the community also back that up and want to help support that. So we can continue to do it every year to help our community.”

Where the food and donations went

The food and donations from the community were brought to Feeding South Dakota ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Donations will be used to purchase more food items for residents that use their services.

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