Check out a State Park pass at the Rapid City Public Library for free!

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Recently, South Dakota State Library partnered with South Dakota Game Fish and Parks to allow library cardholders to check out State Park passes from a library near you. The passes can be checked out for free.

“Libraries are all about access and whether it’s access to our resources or access to other resources around the state, we like to make that happen,” said Terri Davis, the Library Director of the Rapid City Public Library.

The Check Out South Dakota State Parks program

The new program is currently in a trial period to see how it goes with a few passes given out to 76 participating libraries around the state. The only thing you need is a residential library card for a library near you and be 18 or older. Each Library has a limited number of passes, so they can’t be put on hold. The program is just another example of how libraries are about much more than just books. They’re about providing the public with access to knowledge, education, and new experiences.

Library State Park PassTo obtain a pass for yourself, just head to a participating library near you with your library card. Because of the limited number of passes at each library and that different libraries are starting the program at different times, make sure you call ahead to see if they have one available. The Rapid City Public Library only has three passes that can be checked out. You can check availability by calling (605) 394-6139.

If you don’t have a library card, all you need to do is bring a photo I.D. and proof of your residential address to a library near you.

The passes at the libraries are not like the normal passes that you get at state parks. Instead of sticking them to your windshield, they hang from your rearview mirror. All South Dakota State Parks are covered by the passes.

“The Check Out South Dakota State Parks program gives library patrons a great opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders all over our state,” said George Seamon, state librarian.

Here’s a map of South Dakota State Parks to make it easier to find one near you.

There are a couple of rules to check out passes

The first rule is that passes can only be checked out for a maximum of three days. If you have a pass for longer than three days, the library will contact SD Game, Fish and Parks who will “turn off” the pass. This means that you won’t be able to use that pass after your three days are over.

The second rule is that you can’t check out the pass in back-to-back three-day periods. There is no limit to how many times you can check out a pass, you just can’t check it out back-to-back. This is so that the passes can be used by as many different people as possible.

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