Celtic Throne performers preview show before heading to The Monument

KEYSTONE, S.D. – Visitors in Keystone were treated to several free performances by Celtic Throne Sunday afternoon.

Specializing in traditional Irish dance, the show tells the story of its origins across the pond combined with more modern elements.

Celtic Throne PerformersThe group features dancers from as far as Australia, with performers as young as four years old. They stopped at the Grapes and Grinds coffeehouse before a series of shows at the Mt. Rushmore amphitheater — offering a sneak peek of what people can expect for their big performance Monday night at The Monument.

“While the street shows are exciting, they don’t really portray the full grandeur of the full show,” Lead Dancer Jude Flurry said. “We have lighting, images on the site behind us, music from an award-winning composer — a whole lot more than what you saw at the street shows.”

Celtic Throne performs at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, June 13 at The Monument.

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