Caution! New property tax scam targeting local homeowners

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. — County and state officials are warning locals to be on the lookout for a new scam targeting homeowners.

The South Dakota Attorney General’s Office recently notified Pennington County about a scam letter received by a customer in Rapid City. The letter claims to come from a federal collection authority and threatens levies if the amount due isn’t paid within 30 days.

Pennington County Treasurer’s Office officials are cautioning the public that they never work with any federal agency to collect taxes.

“It says Pennington County on it, so we are assuming they’re targeting Pennington County…Rapid City…South Dakota,” says Annette Brant, the chief deputy treasurer in Pennington County. “So contact the Treasurer’s Office if you have any questions about your taxes.”

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A scan of the bogus letter, provided by Pennington County officials

Brant says anyone receiving such a letter should contact the Attorney General’s Office and your county treasurer, and be sure not to call the number or make contact with the letter-writer.

“Please – we just caution the public not to act on that; don’t use an email address that’s on there or the phone number because they are bogus,” Brant adds.

CLICK HERE to visit the Pennington County Treasurer’s Office website.

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