CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Bear rummaging through trash near Johnson Siding

A Black Bear was caught on camera in the area of Johnson Siding in the Black Hills.

JOHNSON SIDING, S.D. — A bear was caught on camera rummaging through trash near Johnson Siding.

Residents of the area, woke up this morning to find trash strewn about their driveway. A look at their nest camera cleared the situation right up.

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks say that if you do run into a problem with garbage being strewn about or store food outside, it’s a good idea to remove those sources.

“One thing you could do certainly is remove food sources, that would be garbage cans full of garbage, that could be pet foods that are stored outside or even other foods that have been stored outside,” said Mike Klosowski, the Regional Wildlife Supervisor for Western South Dakota.


If you are out and about and happen to stumble across a wild animal, such as a bear, take the proper precautions.

“If you do encounter a Black Bear or a Mountain Lion in the wild, absolutely make yourself known as a human being and not anything else,” Klosowski said. “Make yourself look big, you can make a lot of noise and then again just kinda use good common sense, slowly back away and ensure to give that animal the space that it needs to be out in the wild.”

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