Cattle disease found in South Dakota herd

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — A disease that can cause cows to abort has been found in a cattle herd in southwestern South Dakota.

The South Dakota Animal Industry Board said Thursday that two bulls from a beef cattle herd in Oglala Lakota County have tested positive for the parasite-borne disease known as trich.

The board is working with the herd owner and their veterinarians to develop a management plan to control the disease, which is transmitted between cows and bulls during breeding and can cause early term abortions.

Producers often are unaware of the problem until the disease is established. Signs include a higher-than-expected number of non-pregnant and late-calving cows.

To prevent herds from becoming infected, producers should only purchase and use virgin bulls for breeding. Non-virgin bulls should be tested for trich prior to breeding.

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