Care Campus detox technicians an important part of program success

RAPID CITY, S.D. – In its first three years, the Pennington County Care Campus helped people with addiction and mental health issues nearly 80,000 times

Montgomery Preparing To Take Vitals For A Person In The Detox ProgramTimothy Montgomery started working at the the Care Campus over a year ago, and has been working as a detox technician for almost six months.

“We bring them into one of our processing rooms, help them change if they need it. Wash their clothes, take inventory of their stuff so they do not lose anything while they are here,” Montgomery explained. “Keep an eye on them, make sure that they are doing alright. If any issues arise, you have to make sure that you are on the ball to take care of whatever  it is.”

People requesting the detox option have their vitals taken and are interviewed before technicians escort them to a space in the building for monitoring as they begin the process of getting clean. Safe Solutions is another option, offering a shorter-term stay for anyone unsure of the detox program or seeking shelter from inclement weather.

Whichever choice people make, Montgomery and other staff members understand the importance of also being compassionate to the people they meet and interact with.

“Not only do you have to understand why they are here, who they are,” he said. “But also understand how they might feel if you do not treat them with a certain level of respect.”

On Tuesday, July 26, the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office and the Care Campus will be hosting walk-in interviews on the second floor of the building for anyone interested. Applicants must be 18 years or older, have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must undergo a background check.

Interviews will last about twenty minutes per person.

“From the point of intoxication, all the way through to impatient treatment, we see people at all levels. Just somebody who likes to help out, wants to be part of  bigger system,” Director David Oster said. “We are part of the sheriff’s office. We work closely with the quality of life unit for the police department. We work closely with health and human services. So, you get to be part of a bigger effort to try to assist the people in our community that are dealing with addiction.

Care Campus officials will begin carrying out interviews at 9:00 am and go through 6 p.m.

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