Care Campus completion opens doors for next step in addiction recovery

RAPID CITY, S.D. – After years of visualizing, funding, and finally constructing the $17 million Care Campus, on Wednesday officials from the city, county, and state welcomed the second floor’s completion that marks the campus’s completion as a whole.

The campus first opened its doors in September of last year, providing detox, crisis care, and mental health treatment all under one roof. Pennington County invested $14.1 million to open the first portion.

Completion of the second floor took an additional $2.2 million from an anonymous donor and another $900,000 from Rapid City.

Now, 64 addiction treatment beds on the second floor will be home to those in the community looking to take the next step in addiction recovery. Eight rooms for women and eight for men, each with four beds apiece.

“It gives us as a system one more outlet to deal with people with addiction services,” says Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom.

The residential treatment areas will give people from the jail, court system, treatment programs downstairs, or those who’ve come to the Care Campus on their own, a chance to learn to live free of addiction.

“The goal is to get them independent on their own so at some point, they’ll be out having a job in the community, they’ll be back [here] needing to do their own laundry,” said Thom. “Self-sustaining, learning how to live on their own so they’ll know how to do those things.”

This step is another that aims at reducing the growing jail population and ultimately, end the cycle of addiction.

Governor Kristi Noem says the Care Campus is now a model for the state in fighting addiction from west to east.

“This center right here is a testimony to the rest of the state in what can be possible in their communities as well,” said Noem. “The fact that they don’t just address addiction but the mental aspect of it, the mental health needs, but the spirit as well. They can go back to their families, back to their communities and be healed and successful in their life.”

The former addiction treatment facility on North Lacrosse in Rapid City will officially make the move next week.

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