Candy competitors fill sweethearts void

(NBC News) — Without Sweethearts candies in production, candy competitors are stepping up to fill the Valentine’s Day void, while frazzled super fans snatch up last year’s leftovers.

The maker of Sweethearts was purchased by Spangler Candy last year, but the new company said that restarting production for this Valentine’s season was “just not possible.”

Now, the classic conversation hearts are hard to find, selling online for as much as ten times the retail price.

Rival candy makers are hoping to gain revenue from those loyal candy lovers, by offering sweet treats of their own. Brach’s and Sour Patch Kids have ramped up production of their own versions of the hearts, while Krispy Kreme is offering Valentine’s Day Conversation Doughnuts with phrases like “ALL THE FEELS.”

But for loyalists, buying Sweethearts is a tradition that spans decades, and Valentine’s Day just won’t be the same without them.

For now, the Sweethearts maker is asking its fans to hold tight. Spangler Candy announced that it plans to relaunch sweethearts for the 2020 Valentine’s Day season. It also hopes to reintroduce Necco wafers to the marketplace later this year.