Can you buy alcohol and medical marijuana at the same place? Rapid City officials addressed this on Wednesday.

Legal And Finance Committee 4RAPID CITY, S.D.– Wednesday’s Legal and Finance meeting in Rapid City saw the approval of an ordinance prohibiting the selling of alcohol in medical cannabis establishments. Assistant City Attorney Justin Williams spoke on the subject after the meeting.

How was the ordinance planned?

“What we have done at the city attorney’s office is drafted the ordinance by the direction of the city council members to prohibit alcohol sales in medical cannabis establishments,” Williams explained. They cited Colorado as an example for their decision, where cities like Denver have outlawed the combination of liquor and pot licenses for establishments.

Why is the city prohibiting the selling of alcohol in medical cannabis facilities?

According to city officials, they are citing public safety and welfare among reasons to rule out the sales of both products under the same roof. More information on the ordinance can be found here.

The ordinance also includes an amendment to the start of operations. What does that mean?

“Any licensees who obtained their medical cannabis license and are unable to commence operations within one year of the date of the issuance of the license– it would allow them to extend that period of time for an additional one year past that one year extension,” Williams explains. In total, establishments with licenses will have two years to begin selling products instead of one.

With the approval of the ordinance from the Legal and Finance Council, what is next?

The next step for the ordinance for it to go to the next City Council meeting, which is scheduled for November 7. If approved it will go for a second reading on November 21

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