Calling all future Boy Scouts of America

 Just because summer is wrapping up, doesn't mean the adventures are! An event happening on Main Street Square this morning to promote boy scouts in the Black Hills area.

Boy Scouts of America setting up an array of activities this morning, from knot tying to a gun range, archery shooting to mini boat racing, all to exemplify the types of activities young boys can enjoy as a boy scout. Local scout units do outings each month, keeping the adventure alive. Boy Scouts promotes learning and fun in all areas of life.

For example, "leadership development, it teaches team building, the ability to work with other people; our popcorn sale teaches them to go out and talk to people that they may not know, and sell the product, so it teaches things like salesmanship. It also gives a chance to teach about career things, things that they may want to do later on in their life, through the merit badge program," explains Garrett Sausen, District Executive with Boy Scouts of America.

To get your child involved in a scout unit, ask your local elementary school about scouting, contact the Scout Service Center at 342-2824, or go online to