C-Lock utilizes technology from SDSM&T to provide automated cattle feeding equipment to producers

RAPID CITY, S.D. — C-Lock is a Rapid City business that makes automated cattle feeding equipment used on farms and ranches around the world. The company was founded by a director at the School of Mines using tech developed on campus to make a product that records critical data about livestock health.

C-Lock produces two automated cattle-feeding systems, Greenfeed and Smartfeed. Both help improve the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of livestock. Greenfeed measures the burps and breaths of cattle, providing information to producers such as which animals best utilize feed, and if an animal is sick or not. The machine also helps decrease cattle methane, which will decrease the environmental footprint of agriculture and increase sustainability.

Scott Zimmerman, President of C-Lock said “If you can decrease the inputs into a system and increase your outputs, you have a more sustainable system overall. So it’s made a huge improvement and contributions in the scientific world.”

C-Lock also invented Smartfeed, which is a self-contained portable system designed to measure feed intake from individual large animals. Like Greenfeed, it transmits real-time data – which producers can access from their smartphones or computer. This system could alert a producer if an individual animals intake is down or if there was no intake at all.

“The smarter you can become in any business, whether it’s agriculture or anywhere, the more data you have, the better decisions you can make. And it’s allowing farmers and ranchers to make better decisions on their careers and their livelihood,” said Marcus Mann, Chief Engineer at C-Lock.

C-Lock also makes Smartscale, a wireless, cloud-connected scale system that captures an animals weight and behavior each time the animal goes to drink water. Each animal is identified by an ear tag. C-Lock also works closely with the School of Mines to provide job opportunities for graduates looking to stay in South Dakota.

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