Butcher Block Act passes unanimously in House


photo courtesy: Rep. Dusty Johnson, via Twitter

WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson’s Butcher Block Act passed unanimously in the U.S. House Agriculture Committee Wednesday.

The bipartisan bill would establish a loan program at the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development for new and expanding meat processors.

It would also finance producer investment to drive competition within the meat packing industry as well as allocating grants to entities to increase hiring and processing capacity.

“Ranchers need more shackle space,” said Rep. Johnson. “The market is too concentrated and South Dakota cattle producers deserve more options on where to sell their product. I’m grateful USDA has begun implementing my bill already and I look forward to seeing the details of the program codified.”

Rep. Johnson introduced the Butcher Block Act with Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia back in June 2021. Following the introduction of the legislation, the USDA announced its intent to provide $500 million in grants to expand meat and poultry processing capacity in July 2021.

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