“Burn beetle burn”: Check out 32 photos from the 10th annual Burning Beetle event in Custer

CUSTER, S.D. – “Burn beetle burn.” That was the chant that echoed down the street as people marched with torches for the 10th annual Burning Beetle event, celebrating efforts to get rid of the bug that has devastated so much of the pine forests in the Black Hills.

The crowd was led by a drumline and puppets, making their way from Custer High School to Pageant Hill. Two hundred tickets to carry a torch were sold for $20 dollars each, and the money raised went to the Custer Area Arts Council.

Check out these 32 photos of the 10th annual Burning Beetle:

Thousands watched as the beetle was set on fire and the Custer Volunteer Fire Department set off fireworks behind the towering figure.

The night ended with a “Bug Crawl” where five venues in Downtown Custer hosted live music.

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