Burger Challenge: 36 attempts, still no victor

STURGIS, S.D. – 36 have tried and now 36 have failed. Six more participants took part in Uncle Louie’s Burger Challenge on Saturday.

The goal?

To eat seven pounds of food in 30 minutes. If the three pounds of meat were not a mouthful, the buns and fries were a sure way to overload anyone’s palette. Bite after bite, contestants tried to keep the food down stopping short of calling it quits.

While one burger challenger raised the white flag of surrender, all others ingested as much as they could until time ran out. Since no one was able to finish their plate, the food was weighed, declaring Karlyle Johnson the winner with one pound left.

“My kid told me before I came up today. He told me, ‘Dad, Imma tell you the same thing you tell me when I‘m wrestling, don’t give up and win,'” said Johnson said.

Johnson won $100 for coming in first place. When asked if he would be back next year his answer was “maybe.”

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