Bumper cars set to glide on Outlaw Square Glice

DEADWOOD, S.D.- If skating at Outlaw Square wasn’t enough fun, bumper cars have been added to the Glice rink.

Bumper cars on the Outlaw Square Glice

The bumper cars are on wheels, and operate using two joysticks- almost like driving a tractor. On regular ice, bumper cars have metal spikes on the wheels, but on Glice, those aren’t needed.

Outlaw Square had a trial run to make sure they brought enough joy, and they were a big hit according to Bobby Rock, the Director of Outlaw Square.

“We tested them last night and we did a little soft debut and they worked really great. I mean, people waited until we decide to put them out,” he explains. “Because we were setting them up and we got them all ready to go, and we got them out here and people loved them.”

The bumper cars make their debut Wednesday, December 20 at 2:00 p.m. There are three 12-minute sessions per hour, and a session costs $10.

The schedule, available here, is staggered, so that skaters and bumper cars are never on the Glice together.

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