Building permits keep rolling in for Rapid City

Over $300 million worth of property value has applied for building permits, and the year isn't even over

RAPID CITY, S.D. – For the third consecutive year, the City of Rapid City issued building permits for properties valued over $307 million.

The total surpasses last year’s valuation total of  $302.5 million. The city first surpassed the $300-million mark in 2016.

This number is generated by the number of new permits each year – nothing from the previous year. Darrell Shoemaker, the communication coordinator for Rapid City, stated that it’s a good sign of growth.

“As we’ve always said, behind every one of those permits, it’s a plumbing permit, it’s an electrical permit, it’s a roofing permit,” Darrell stated. “The big commercial items, you know, it’s electricians, it’s plumbers at work, it’s welders, it’s construction workers. So big and small, it means people working and  hard at it in the city, and we appreciate those numbers.”

Some of the top valued properties from this year include The Black Hills Surgeries Center expansion at $1.6 million and the Regional Health Rapid City Hospital expansion at $1.4 million.

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