Buffalo Roundup Arts Festival draws vendors and visitors

CUSTER STATE PARK, S.D. — Friday’s 56th Annual Buffalo Roundup was just one part of an exciting weekend in Custer State Park. The Arts Festival continued in the park Saturday and came to a close in the afternoon.

T-shirts hang at Buffalo Roundup Arts Festival

Buffalo and western themed merchandise were featured at the Arts Festival Saturday.

It was a beautiful morning in Custer State Park after the thunder of hooves at Friday’s roundup. Local vendors, artists, and musicians set up in the park to celebrate the 28th year of the annual Buffalo Roundup Arts Festival.

Live musicians and eager visitors filled the air with excitement. Janelle Schock, owner of SoDak Clothing, talked about the event and how important it is for small local businesses.

“Just meeting everybody is one of my favorite things, doing these festivals is wonderful, we’ve met tons of people that follow us on social media and we call them our SoDak Nation. So it’s more than just a clothing brand, it’s a way of life,” she says.

Some traveled from far off places, while others headed out their back doors to come together and share their love of all things western. From games of Connect Four to clothing, the festival was bursting with sales and smiles.

Larry Roetzel, of Cambria String Band, talked about his excitement about performing at the event, saying, “Just to get to perform in Custer State Park and be around the big buffalo thing, it’s fun to be able to be part of the entertainment for this.”

Of course, the main focus of the Arts Festival was to celebrate the bison, who were corralled Friday but still manage to wander onto many types of merchandise. Buffalo enthusiasts were thrilled to share their passion with other buffalo lovers, an ignite that joy in visitors too.

James Menk, owner of Tallbear Artworks, expressed his passion for bison.

“To bring my artwork, which is primarily bison, and talk about the animal to many tourists, people from everywhere, really, it makes me feel good. It keeps the old west alive, and bison are just part of that,” he says.

The fun in Custer continues Sunday with the Volksmarch at Crazy Horse.

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