Buffalo Chip prepares for this year’s Sturgis Rally

RAPID CITY, S.D. — While we won’t know until mid June if the Sturgis Rally is officially on or off, the Buffalo Chip Campground is revving up for another year of visitors.

The Buffalo Chip is always happening during rally season and this year, those plans are still moving forward.

People from all over world come to the Black Hills for the rally.

Rod Woodruff, Buffalo Chip Owner, said “We’ve got people coming from Florida, we’ve got people coming from California, we think we’re going to have people coming from Canada.

Because the campground is outside of Sturgis City limits, it is not under the authority of the city’s government.

So even if the City of Sturgis changes rally plans, the Chip has no intention to do the same.

”The show must always go on, that’s what the deal is, you know. They planned their vacation, they planned it for years in advance and you know it’s not our place to tell people they can’t do something.” said Woodruff.

As of now most of the artists are still booked and will perform in August.

“The acts that we had announced, we think we’re going to get more cancellations. We’ve only had one cancellation thus far that has been officially announced and that was ‘shine down” said Woodruff.

Although reservations are down, they say, plenty of people still want to come out and enjoy a summertime tradition.

“We do have those folks that were planning to come and are still planning to come and they call us everyday and say ‘are you going to be there for me?’ and yes we are.” said Woodruff

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