Broncs for Breakfast: Here’s your 2023 winner!

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The 7th Broncs for Breakfast event took place Wednesday at the Kjerstad Event Center, with cowboys (plus a cowgirl) from all over the country participating.

Broncs For Breakfast 3What makes this different from PRCA Saddle Bronc Riding?

At Broncs for Breakfast, riders use their stock saddles. This means riders can hold a horn, cantle, or rope strap, and it’s a wilder ride. “They can hold on to their saddle and their rope and just really hold on to it and try to try to ride through the ride. The horses are going to buck crazy,” explains Tif Robertson, Chair of Ranch Rodeo and Broncs for Breakfast.

However, just like in PRCA events, riders need to make it to eight seconds to qualify for a score.

Broncs For Breakfast 2Why hold a ranch riding event for broncs?

It’s just true grit. That’s how I explain it,” Robertson says. “These ranch bronc riders… are doing the same exact thing- when they come off their ranches they’re riding colts, they’re gritting down to ride their horses and break them so they can use them on the ranch. And so I think that’s what makes today’s special.”

Where do the broncs come from?

Burch Rodeo Company in Moorcroft, Wyoming is the stock contractor. “This is an opportunity to see what the next up-and-coming saddle broncs will be, and these horses have been bucked before. They’re not fresh out of the gate. They’ve been trained in a little bit, but they are fresh. They’re probably anywhere from 3 to 6 years old,” Robertson explains. 

Broncs For Breakfast 4How many riders competed?

32 cowboys and cowgirls competed in the saddle bronc rides, and the top 8 made it into the final round.

Who won Broncs for Breakfast?

The 2023 Broncs for Breakfast winner was Justin Quint of Akron, Colorado. He’s won four of the seven years, with a score of 82 in the finals this year!

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