BREAKING: Senate adjourns, ending House debate on transgender sports bill

Transgender Bill

UPDATE (3/29/21 @ 3:15 p.m.): The South Dakota State House adjourned Sine Die – without a further day being declared – at 4:04 pm CDT closing the 96th Legislative Session in Pierre.  An effort to override a Governor veto of HB1217 (Transgender sports) failed to receive the 2/3 majority necessary and the bill was lost.

Both chambers of the state legislature are now adjourned.  Members could return to Pierre but only if a special session were called.

PIERRE, S.D. — The South Dakota State Senate adjourned at 3:52 pm CDT seni die, ending the Senate side of the 96th Legislative Session.

The move effectively ends the House debate now underway regarding HB1217 – the transgender sports bill.

The bill can not become law without approval of both chambers, making the House discussion a matter of record only.

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