1+1 Winner: Brandi Christoffer

Student attendance is an issue district wide for Rapid City Schools, and North Middle School has been fighting it for year. This year they hired a student success facilitator, who can now call herself a 1+1 Giveaway winner.

NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank reward a teacher with a $500 check to go toward items that they would otherwise pay out of pocket. Brandi Christoffer, the facilitator from North Middle School, plans to use her funds to pay for incentives for students to get to school on time and stay in school.

"We did competitions between the classes first period. So we’ve done donuts, and cookies, and snacks – that sort of thing," Christoffer said. "We’re going to do a pizza party for the class that has the least amount of first period tardies. And then for the attendance kiddos that I work with, we use gift cards and we might buy them lunch.” 

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Chistoffer goes above and beyond to find out why students are tardy so she can individually meet their needs.

Amber Whitford is a loan processor with First Interstate Bank. She described how being tardy can affect your success.

"In my world, if I’m late, my whole world falls apart," Whitford said. "So I can’t even imagine kids being late and then not coming to school. It gives them a reason to get here and that’s important too. I know the further you get behind, the harder it is to catch up and it’s just overall success.”

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