Box Elder preparing for B-21 with new subdivision

BOX ELDER, S.D. — Ellsworth and the surrounding region will be undertaking big changes and growth in the next decade, with the coming arrival of the B-21 bomber. Box Elder is getting ahead of the growth with what’s being called “a city within a city.”

Alpha Land Company has big plans for the 1,400 acres in the southwest corner of Box Elder. The Alpha and Omega Subdivision is located between the west side of Radar Hill Road to the Northern Lights development on the Rapid City Border.

The company’s plans would allow for the population of Box Elder to double in the coming years.

“We have commercial, a lot of residential, but coming in with this master plan it really gives us an opportunity to work with them, and really create a neat area for the community that’s going to be a very vibrant addition to the community,” said Blaise Emerson, Community and Economic Development Director of Box Elder.

The company plans to establish a community with 100 or more homes in the first year. From there, plans include easy access to food, shopping, health care and much more.

“We expect community services like schools and fire stations, and retail, and we hope that people, when they see what we’re doing, will really embrace it,” said Gordon Howie, partner of Alpha and Omega Subdivision. “It’s going to be a very user-friendly community, walking distance to shopping and other things like that.”

Along with the potential for commercial growth, there are plans for apartments, hotels, and a new interstate exit that leads to the new community.

“I don’t want people to leave Alpha and Omega,” said Shadrach Howie, partner of Alpha and Omega Subdivision. “I want you to go down the street and have coffee, go have dinner, go shopping, everything’s there.”

There are plans for the community to be well into construction before the next wave of military members come in. Lots are expected to be up for sale beginning in May.

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