Box Elder man displaced after basement floods with sewage

BOX ELDER, S.D. — Dennis Murphy is a Box Elder man who has been displaced after the most recent round of floods.

Flooding in itself is a inconvenience and can ruin property, but if you add toxic waste to the mix you have a recipe for disaster. That is what happened when Murphy awoke the morning of July 5th.

Murphy said this was the third time his home has flooded since May, with the last two instances of flooding bringing in sewage from his toilet and tub.

The damage from the flood on June 1st had almost been all cleaned up when the latest flood hit. He had tried to get inspectors to come out and asses the damage and see what steps they could take to prevent this in the future. But after he cleaned his home, the third flood of water and sewage had hit his home once again.

With there being so much water build up, Dennis Murphy has been unable to get back to his home and see just how bad the damage is this time around.

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