Borglum announces senate run, talks key issues

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds has not officially said if he’s running for re-election but he already has a challenger. Scyller Borglum, a first-term state representative from Rapid City’s 32nd District has announced she will run for the senate seat in the 2020 primary.

Borglum officially announced her run on Monday, July 1 in cities across South Dakota. Borglum says her campaign stands on three core elements: federal spending, healthcare, and immigration.

“By listening to South Dakotans, those were the top three issues that consistently came up and happily they’re three issues I’m on board with,” Borglum.

She says the government does “not have a revenue problem but a spending problem.” In regards to healthcare, Borglum says it needs to be made affordable and the “first step needs to be transparency” especially relating to the price of prescription medicine.

The third issue of immigration, Borglum says sits near to her heart. “I’ve spent my life working with people who are American citizens and people who have come into the country legally as documented citizens,” said Borglum. “I’ve worked in food service all the way up to the highest level of doctoral and post-doctoral research and immigrants are a vital part of a community. We need people coming into American that bring their energy, their can-do attitude…we need a process that works.”

Borglum says she will make her policy stances public in the near future as her campaign continues to take shape.

As a newcomer to the political scene, Borglum’s campaign so far taking aim at Round’s tenure as governor before being elected into his current position as Senator.

“That’s the person I would’ve expected to go to Washington D.C. and drive home investment and opportunity for the state specifically because they were armed with the most education and experience and they could’ve gotten a lot done and we simply didn’t see that,” said Borglum.

A spokesman from Sen. Rounds’s campaign responded to Borglum’s comment:

“We are very proud of Mike’s successful service as governor and now, U.S. Senator.  He is known as a serious policy maker – focused on issues important to South Dakotans.  And, he’s been a leader on immigration reform, tax cuts, ethanol expansion, military and veterans, the confirmation of conservative judges and Supreme Court Justices, repealing over burdensome regulations, and protecting life and the second amendment…just to name a few. Let’s not forget that the very first B-21 squadron is coming to [Ellsworth Air Force Base]!  Mike’s work on the Armed Services Committee has been critical.”

Moving her campaign forward, Borglum says she faces three main challenges: fundraising, meeting new people day to day, and making sure voters stay engaged heading into the 2020 primary.

“We need to be innovative, smart, looking toward the future so we’re not just relying on the past successes or past failures,” said Borglum. “We have to be moving forward in getting new investment opportunities bringing new kinds of business. That’s what’s really going to help with our state economy.”

NewsCenter1 asked Sen. Rounds if he will be announcing his run for 2020. According to his spokesman:

“Right now, Mike is prioritizing Jean with her recent cancer diagnosis and treatment plan, just like any other family would.   And, prioritizing his work as the senator.   We will be well prepared when the time comes.”

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