Bond cut in half in murder-for-hire case

RAPID CITY, S.D. – William Thoman, charged with attempted murder, went in front of the court on Friday. His lawyer asked that his bond be lowered.

Thoman, 62, was unknowingly recorded speaking to a source about murdering an oncology doctor. The doctor was involved in his late wife’s cancer treatment. Thoman was apparently upset that his wife did not survive and wanted revenge on the doctor who could not save her.

His attorney argued that Thoman did not have a legitimate plan to murder anyone. In fact, the defense argued that it is an unusual charge considering the evidence was solely based on a phone call and there was no other specific proof of a plan. Thoman was also ambiguous with his wording on the call, which supports the defense’s case.

He claims that his statements were a product of his grieving and a cry for attention. According to his lawyer, he was so consumed by the loss of his wife that he said things that he did not truly mean.

Thoman underwent a forensic and psychological evaluation. Results state that there were no signs of significant psychopathology.

The state countered the statements by bringing up a statement Thoman had made during an evaluation. The defendant apparently told authorities that when he gets out of custody, the first thing he wants is his parent’s guns. This was concerning due to the fact that the threat was to shoot and kill the physician when he was charged.

The defense claims that the guns are antiques from his parents and they are all he has left of his late relatives.

The hearing concluded with the bond being cut in half. Originally $500,000 the bond is now set to $250,000. If let out on bond Thoman will be under GPS monitoring and will not be allowed to leave his home.


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