BoBtanical Pantry – Small Batch Fruit Wine

Small Batch Fruit wine

  • 3 lbs. Fruit or Berries
  • 3 lbs. Sugar
  • 1 Gallon water
  • Wine Yeast

Getting Started

  1. Wash fruit and put in pot (bad berries will come to top, skim off and throw away.)
  2. Add water and bring to a boil  (If pot is small only add 1/2 gallon of water now)
    • Juice from clean frozen fruits can be used without boiling
  3. When fruit and water comes to a boil pour into primary fermenter (bucket or container)
    • If only half gallon water was used add other  1/2 gallon cold water
  4. Add the 3 lbs. of sugar and stir to dissolve
  5. When the liquid cools down, add part of a package of wine yeast, stir, and cover

Primary fermentation  3-7 days

  1. Stir vigorously once or twice a day with a wooden spoon or stick
  2. The must will foam and bubble, so it’s important to use a big bucket or container
  3. Keep covered after stirring because fruit flies will come. ( I do mine in the basement shower stall, also the first week in the gallon jugs. Sometimes they will foam over.)

Secondary fermentation 3-5 months

  1. When the first fermentation is complete, (bubbling is not as vigorous), strain and put into gallon jugs with air locks attached
  2. When you look at a light through the jug, you should be able to see the light through the wine clearly
    • No little bubbles should be coming up
  3. When yeast and dregs build in the bottom of the jug, siphon off the wine to a new jug  (About once a month)
  4. Siphon the wine from one jug to another and leave the dregs (dead yeast) in the bottom
  5. Keep the new jugs full to the top, so add plain water or a little sugar water ( a couple of teaspoons of sugar dissolved in a cup of water.)
  6. To add oak flavoring to the wine add an oak stick or oak chips

Finished Product

When fermentation has stopped, bottle and enjoy!

Dry Wine — Legs in the glass  (.990 hydrometer reading)

Sweet Wine — Layers  (1.20 or higher hydrometer reading)

Apple Juice — fresh squeezed apples

Cider — about 7 percent alcohol

Hard Cider — (fermented apple juice; frozen cider)

Apple wine — 12-16 percent alcohol

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