BoBtanical Garden: Cold Weather Vegetables

Temperatures are on the way up, which means it’s time to get those cold weather crops in the ground.

Vegetables to plant early:

– Beets (Detroit Dark Red, Red Ace, Chioggia, Golden)
– Broccoli (Packman, De Cicco)
– Cabbages (Early Round – Stonehead; Late – Dutch Flat Head; Red – Ruby Perfection)
– Kohlrabi (Red, White, Kossak)
– Lettuce (Butterhead – Buttercrunch; Loose Leaf – Red Sails*, Baby Oak Leaf; Romaine – Parris Island Cos, Red Romaine)
– Peas (Maestro, Alaska, Little Marvel)
– Onion Plants (Red – Red River, Red Zeppelin; White – Sterling, Super Star*; Yellow – Candy, Big Daddy, Yellow Spanish)
– Potatoes (Early – Red Norland; Mid-early – Yukon Gold; Mid-late – Red Pontiac; Late – Kennebec; Fingerling – Rose Finn Apple, Swedish Peanut, Yellow Russian Banana)
– Radishes (Cherry Belle*, Champion*)
– Spinach (Melody*, Bloomsdale Long Standing*)
– Swiss Chard (Bright Lights*)

*All American Selection Winner

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