Board of Regents Executive Director steps down

Paul B. Beran
Photo courtesy of South Dakota News Watch.

PIERRE, S.D. — Paul B. Beran, the Executive Director and CEO of the South Dakota Board of Regents, announced Monday that he will be leaving the Board of Regents at the end of his contract that expires in June.

Beran has held the position since 2018 and has enjoyed his experiences despite being informed that the board will go in a different direction in terms of leadership.

“I have appreciated the last several years working for the Board of Regents, but the board has informed me they want to go a different direction in leadership and I fully understand their right to exercise that change,” Beran said. “I stand ready to help in the transition as the board repositions itself.  I have enjoyed getting to work with members of the board, the presidents and superintendent, legislative leadership, and representatives from Gov. Noem’s administration, whom I have worked with over the last two legislative sessions. South Dakota should be proud of its higher education system. All six universities and the two special schools serve the state in a highly coordinated, efficient approach that utilizes shared services in a way that is the envy of many state systems.”

The Board of Regents President Kevin V. Schieffer thanked Beran for his service.

“The board would like to thank Dr. Beran for his service to our state,” Schieffer said. “He has helped prepare the system to move forward to find greater efficiency and effectiveness in future operations. As the system evolves, the Board of Regents is ready to analyze the system’s functionality in new and innovative ways. The board wishes him well as he transitions into future opportunities.”

Schieffer said that the Board of Regents will announce its next steps for appointing the next director after the April 1-2 meeting.

Beran believes that much has been accomplished over the last two legislative sessions. During his tenure, he helped hire a new president at Black Hills State University and a new superintendent of the School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Many new opportunities for universities in the state of South Dakota have come during Beran’s leadership.

“I am sure the new and current institutional leaders will provide synergy for positive change and forward movement across this state,” he said.

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