BMW will introduce color changing cars in the near future

i Vision Dee

Click photo to see car change color. Credit: CES

BMW has unveiled a new concept car that changes color.

It is one of two concept cars the auto giant showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show, both called the “i Vision Dee concept.” The Dee, stands for digital emotional experience. The color-changing model can go through a full palette of colors with different parts of the car body showing different colors all at once, including the wheels.

The other i Vision Dee has a futuristic suite of user-interface ideas. The area around the headlights and the “grille” can show different shapes and hues, simulating expressions for different moods or reactions. The interior heads-up display stretches the length of the windshield and uses projected images, which can also be projected onto the side windows.

BMW plans to use that feature in production starting in 2025