Blustery Wednesday: Light snow & slick roads today

Temperatures will drop rather than rise through the day today, with light accumulations expected across much of the Black Hills Region



  • Wet roads are quickly freezing, as light snow continues across areas along and North of I-90
  • Snow bands are expected to push South through the morning, clearing as we approach the afternoon
  • Temperatures are already in the low 20s, and could dip further into the teens even before the lunch hour
  • Bundle up, take it slow and watch for black Ice!

Pink and White – Snow covered roads
Pink and Blue – Icy Conditions
Pink and Black – Wet and Icy


  • Snow will begin to pick up for the Black Hills and I-90 corridor around 5 AM and continue through the morning
  • Temperatures will actually drop as we approach the afternoon, with low 30s this morning dipping into the low 20s by this afternoon.

-Northern portion of our area


-Southern portion of our area

Pink and White – Snow covered roads
Pink and Blue – Icy Conditions
Pink and Black – Wet and Icy

  • Road conditions as of 4:30 AM were fair as you travel in the Central and Southern hills but are quickly seeing increasing slick conditions.
  • The I-90 Corridor, Northern Hills and Rapid City are becoming slick – not necessarily with snow but light freezing drizzle, use caution
  • Road conditions are expected to deteriorate from North to South through the morning

  • 7 AM looks to be our time of greatest coverage for light snow, from NE Wyoming stretching along I-90 through the Black Hills towards Philip and Kadoka.
  • The cold front will continue pushing South, bringing snow coverage to an end from North to South.

  • By Lunch, snow is starting to taper off in portions of the area, with a few stubborn snow bands across the Western Hills
  • There may even be a break of sunshine here or there, but conditions could quickly wrap back up into snow and breezy conditions – stay alert

  • Temperatures at 3 PM will be in the teens and 20s, and will continue to drop going into Wednesday evening
  • Single digits aren’t out of the question, with wind chills reaching zero in some cases, bundle up!

  • By around 8-10 tonight most action should be over, with a few leftover flurries across the region
  • Winds, thankfully will start to calm down so wind chills wont be as oppressive – winds will also shift southerly overnight.

  • Only light accumulations expected, but I suspect ice may become a factor today with rapidly dropping temperatures – today is a good day to take turns slowly.
  • Western Hills, including Cheyenne Crossing and Deerfield could see the higher amounts of 2″-4″, while everyone else sees something along the lines of 0″-2″
  • Rapid City and the I-90 corridor gets a special 1″-3″ designation, mostly because its the meteorological equivalent of a haunted house – snow squalls seem to like hunting through that region

  • Thursday will see sunny and dry conditions, with temperatures reaching the 30s and 40s – a nice warm up.
  • Friday will out-do Thursday, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures reaching the mid 50s.

  • A quick snapshot of the next 3 days shows a steep dive Wednesday, with a quick recovery Thursday and Friday
  • Saturday will be one of the better days of the week with temperatures reaching the 60s in some cases, a cold front is expected to spoil the fun later that evening

  • I usually don’t post snow maps more than 3 days out, but for those making Veteran’s Day plans and weekend plans i wanted to at least give you what we know so far
  • Looks like the Black Hills region could get some light to moderate accumulations starting Saturday evening going through Sunday – hard to say what those will be so far
  • What we do know, it’ll be chilly – it’ll be in the 60s during the day on Saturday and plummet to the teens by late Saturday night/Sunday morning
  • Something to keep an eye on, but so far accumulations don’t look outrageous and most snow action looks to end by Veterans day, with a few snow showers and chilly conditions in the 20s.


Watch for Black Ice, but otherwise a few snow covered roads seem to be the big thing to look out for. If you have plans for this weekend, it’s worth watching the forecast but nothing worth cancelling plans over. Friday and Saturday look to be our best days of the week, so make sure to make plans for them! Let us know if you encounter slick spots or bad visibility, we’ll pass that information on! Thanks for trusting us with your forecast, be safe out there! – Brant

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