Blustery Forecast Ahead: Windy with rain/snow mix on Sunday

Hour by hour, conditions will quickly change across the Black Hills over the next 7 days

  • A few showers are making their way across Northeast Wyoming this morning and will eventually push into the Black Hills by around lunchtime.
  • The time period before and after this front moves through will be breezy, even windy at times.
  • Areas of the Black Hills could see a few snow showers move through with this front, but most should stay relatively dry today.

  • Northwesterly Winds could gust up to 35 mph out on the plains, with cooler temperatures filtering into the region
  • Some areas will struggle to see 50°, particularly in the higher elevations

  • Current forecast guidance suggests that between 10 am-2 pm is out time frame for shower activity to move into the Rapid City area
  • The further this front pushes East, the less moisture will be available – that is to say Rapid City could see showers and Box Elder left dry

  • An active weekend on tap, with breezy conditions between now and basically Monday morning
  • Sunday will be windy, with advisory criteria being possible up to 45-50 mph
  • Saturday night will see a snow/rain mix move from West to East, with lower elevations seeing mostly rain – and areas of the Black Hills and Northeastern Wyoming seeing possible light accumulations

  • It’s an early snow map, but you can at least see the hot spots that could see some accumulations.
  • The SD plains will hardly see much, with temperatures expected to be around the mid 40s – the foothills however could sneak in a snow squall or two as cold air descends off the Hills
  • By Monday, most of this will push East – and gain strength. Make sure you are checking the forecast if you plan on travelling East Monday-Wednesday
  • Another system looks likely Wednesday and Thursday of next week, with chilly temperatures likely towards the end of the week in the 20s.

This rain/snow mix this weekend will be very moody. You could turn one corner travelling in the hills and find yourself in a snow squall – turn the next and you’re back in rain. Overall, taking it a bit slower and being weather aware this weekend should be all that is necessary. Late next week looks interesting with the sharp temperature drop, so we’ll keep an eye on it! Saturday looks nice – for those looking for a good day to go hiking! Be safe out there – Brant

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