Blood donations needed ahead of the 2019 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

RAPID CITY, S.D. – With the 2019 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally less than two weeks away, there is a lot to prepare for. But something incredibly important that some of us might not think about it until it’s too late is the need for blood donations before the bikes roll into town.

Vitalant is urging the community to come out and donate whole blood ahead of this year’s rally. With so many people coming to the Black Hills this time of year, it’s always important to be prepared for any accidents or medical emergencies that could occur.

Brittany Sigel is the Vitalant Donor Recruitment Manager. She says, “It’s the blood on the shelves that counts when the rally comes. It’s the donors that are donating right now and donating next week to prepare for the rally. That that’s the blood that’s going to be available during the rally.”

And while it’s important to be prepared for the rally, Sigel says it’s also important to have their daily needs met even when the rally isn’t going on. “It’s not always these big headline events and different things that mean it’s time to donate., it’s the day to day things and then on top of that we have the rally that comes in and an extra thousands of people coming in. So it’s a good time of the year yes to come in to help us boost the supply above our normal demand to support if there is any extra usage during the rally,” said Sigel.



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