Had a bad week? Not sure if you’ll make it to the grand prize this year?

No worries! We have you covered. Keep playing for your chance at $25 each week from our great local sponsors!

How To Play Video Tutorial

So, how does it work? – It’s easy!

  1. Set up your account – play on your own or set up a team to play along with your friends.
  2. Choose your Champ- daily, weekly, monthly an entire season…play how you want to play!
  3. Check back!- just because you had a bad week doesn’t mean your season is a goner. With weekly prizes and a grand prize going to the best overall player, you have plenty of chances to WIN!

How to Choose YOUR Champ:

  1. BE PROACTIVE– Go for it, you already know who is the winning team in each NFL game this season. So, make your move and select the victors for the entire season.
  2. BE AGILE– You are smart my friend. You chose to analyze each teams performance, calculate the trajectory of each pass, and select which team is going to win weekly.
  3. BE A PROCRASTINATOR– That’s right! NewsCenter1 has designed a contest specifically for you. You know who you are… waiting until the last minute and can’t make a decision unless under the proverbial gun.  Go ahead and take your time. Just make sure to send your Hail Mary pick through no later than 15 minutes prior to each games kick-off.


Think you have what it takes for a perfect season? Go for it and you will be rewarded with $50,000 CASH! But don’t worry if you miss that perfect season; we have your back with a grand prize package from Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort and weekly prizes from local Black Hills area businesses!

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