Balcony Forecast!: Snow reports and next week’s possible system

Slick roads this morning across the region and varying accumulations, with snow expecting to taper off this morning.

11:30 AM Update: Balcony Forecast!

Thank you so much to everyone that sent in their pictures and snow reports. I wanted to get a quick balcony forecast in and talk about next week and what my thoughts are. More updates to follow as the week goes on!

Snow reports and general road conditions are posted below in an earlier update from this morning!


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Happy Saturday morning! A few advisories have been left in place this morning, but overall things are winding down.

Here’s quick look at road conditions and interactive radar this morning.

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Rapid City - North

Rapid City - South

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Spearfish - East

Spearfish - West

Deadwood - East

Deadwood - West

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Hot Springs - Maverick Junction North

Hot Springs - Maverick Junction South

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South Dakota Road Conditions

National Road Conditions

We’re expecting things to wind down this morning, but we’re seeing some interesting totals out there. Many of you are seeing “low” snow totals with several feet of drifting int he same backyard. Southerly winds made this a unique storm, leaving upslope totals in the Central and Southern Hills and leaving our usual high snow totals areas a little on the drier side. Feel free to keep sending in snow totals this morning! is a good way, but you can also just plug them in to our comment section.

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Things are expected to dry out over the next couple of days, but we’ll have to keep an eye on Thursday and Friday of this next week… even looking through a telescope there seems to be some rigorous dynamics at play. My “meteorological spidey senses” are tingling on this one – so definitely something we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

Here are some of the pictures you’ve been sending in! Thanks so much for taking the time – stay warm! -Brant


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