Black Hills Tire employee receives Dakota Build scholarship

In 2015 the Build Dakota Scholarship Fund was created to meet the need for skilled labor workers in the state, giving students the opportunity to enter programs in high need industries and finish school debt free. A Black Hills Tire employee recently secured his future with the company.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Build Dakota Scholarship Program was started to help put more workers in the workforce, especially programs in high demand, like nursing filed, welding and automotive.

Black Hills Tire

Jeannie Best, Asst. Dir. Scholarships Western Dakota Technical Institute, says, “It’s a free education. The Department of Labor and the Build Dakota board really take into consideration programs and fields that pay well upon graduation. So these people, as they’re getting out into the workforce can sustain the cost of living.

Industry sponsors can also cover some of the tuition – that is what Black Hills Tire did for one promising employee, Adrian who came to them about one year ago for part time work while he was attending school online. Tenise and Weston, owners of Black Hills Tire understand the importance of an education, both being WDT alumni. Adrian, they say, is hard working and shows great potential.

Black Hills Tire

Weston says, “He’s just showing a propensity for it, really, he he’s excellent at it. He’s got a heck of a work ethic and he’s just a really good kid to have around the rest of the guys. He’s got a great attitude and so when he kind of told us that he was interested in maybe looking at doing this for a career, we you could sponsor a kid and do it that way. That’s we asked him if he was interested and he kind of been rocking and rolling from there.”

Tenise adds, “I’m just really proud of him and he’s so excited to start school. He can’t hardly wait.

Black Hills Tire

Adrian obtained his GED this spring and is headed to the Automotive Program at Western Dakota Tech in the Fall. He says that he grew up working on cars with his dad.

Adrian Cox says, “They offered me the scholarship and I couldn’t turn it down ’cause it’s an amazing chance and I went in toward the school. It’s like a dream workshop in there. There’s a million things that I love to do. And so all in all I’m just super excited about everything. The fact that I get the opportunity to go and do what I love at school for free is crazy and I can’t thank anybody enough for all of that.”

Black Hills Tire

The Chapmans also created a WDT scholarship in the automotive field in honor of a professor who passed away.

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