Black Hills Stock Show hosts Mutton Bustin’ event

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Kids ages three to six were center stage Thursday night at the Black Hills Stock Show, participating in mutton bustin’ at the James Kjerstad Event Center at the fairgrounds.

This activity allows children to try to climb on top of a wild sheep, with the goal of holding on for six seconds.

Thursday’s champ says his special skill helped him clutch his way to victory..

“I won this cool badge because I was holding on really good and because I have really good grip because I hang on to a lot of stuff.” said Cillian Garwick, mutton bustin’ champ.

When asked if was it scary at all, Garwick responded: “Nope, it was pretty fun.”

This annual event is a favorite during the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo. Hundreds of people were in attendance to cheer on these young competitors.

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