Black Hills State University homecoming Swarm Days parade


Black Hills State University held its annual homecoming parade to end the week of Swarm Days. This years theme was the yellow brick road, from the Wizard of Oz. As the years go on Black Hills State see’s more and more involvement with its student body in school activities. And the weather did not stop the community from coming out in support.

“Some years it has been interesting, we have lost a few people over the years because of blizzards. So while the weather is not perfect today, it is not blizzarding so we will take that. It has grown they had more floats and more entries in the parade today than we have ever had. When I first came here we has 18 hundred students and now we have a whole lot more than that.” Said Doctor Jim Hess who is an alumni of Black Hills State and teaches there now.

The Black Hills State Yellow Jackets went on to win their home coming game by a score of 13-7 over Fort Lewis Collage.

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