Black Hills Services buys car detailing business to give more job opportunities for those with disabilities

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Unique Auto Grooming is a vehicle detailing business in Rapid City that was purchased last Summer by Black Hills Services – that’s the vocational division of Black Hills Works. When Unique Auto Grooming’s original owner decided to retire after more than 30 years, Black Hills Services saw an opportunity to create more jobs for people with disabilities. Unique Auto Grooming has 12 employees, and of those 12, seven of them are Black Hills Works clients.

Tara Blasius, Vice President of Vocational Services for Black Hills Works, said, “The intent of purchasing it was to create jobs for people with disabilities. So we purchased it with that intent and we have just been super busy with getting it rolling, getting everybody trained.”

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Unique Auto Grooming offers a variety of interior and exterior car detailing services. Having a clean vehicle is very important right now during the COVID-19 pandemic since your car is something you are touching constantly.

“In today’s society I think it’s really important to have your car clean I call it your office on wheels. Hopefully by the time we’re done with it your car looks like it did when you bought it,” said Adam Parrent, Project Manager for Unique Auto Grooming.

A large portion of Unique Auto Grooming’s business is detailing McKie Ford Lincolns fleet of vehicles. Black Hills Services has helped people with disabilities land jobs all across Rapid City.

Tara Blasius also said, “We dabble in a lot of different job opportunities for people with disabilities, and we are always looking for something new. When this opportunity came up we were really excited. A lot of people who really enjoy cars a lot of people who are really interested in vehicles. Having people with disabilities have the opportunity for a different type of job.”

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