Black Hills Responsible Recreation Coalition aims to preserve land and promote safe outdoor recreation

One of the goals of the newly formed group is to help keep our public lands protected for future generations.

BLACK HILLS, S.D. — The idea for the group began when some like-minded, outdoor enthusiasts saw the need for preserving nature in the Black Hills.

Black Hills Responsible Recreation Coalition

Black Hills Responsible Recreation Coalition Logo, Courtesy Facebook

The Coalition formed just a few weeks ago and is working on getting their non-profit certification status.

As more and more people visit the Black Hills, the more wear and tear the environment will get. That is one of the reasons the Black Hills Responsible Recreation Coalition group was formed – to educate others on preserving the trails.

Black Hills Responsible Recreation Coalition

Black Hills Responsible Recreation Coalition, Courtesy Facebook

Tara Flanery, Owner of Hisega Adventure Lodge, says,

“I think we are all seeing a growing recreation, we are seeing growing trail development and that is really, really great and I think that is kind of a next step because there are a lot of communities that are very similar to the Black Hills and have developed similar coalitions.”

The group of like minded business owners, guides and outfitters, wanted a platform to advocate sustainable recreation of the Black Hills, safety for people traveling and responsible use of public lands. All while having fun.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Carrie Gerlach, Owner of Black Hills Adventure Tours, says,

“We promote safe entry into outdoor recreation. Going with people who have certifications, have permits, insurance and just kind of taken away that barrier for people that may be nervous about doing that and knowing that they are going in a safe environment.”

Another aspect of the group is guiding women into the great outdoors and trying to take out any intimidation factor of trying a new outdoor sport and offering a women’s adventure series on four dates including:

  • June 11
  • June 18
  • June 25
  • July 2
Badlands Outing, Courtesy Carrie Gerlach

Badlands Outing, Courtesy Carrie Gerlach

Renee Raisanen, Owner of Black Hills Paddle Sports, says,

“Giving them opportunities of places to start, reducing that barrier to entry for things like mountain biking or paddling moving water or even stand up paddle board yoga.”

The group also plans on adding in more stewardship like trail maintenance and creek clean up projects. They are currently looking for group members to join. Click here to learn more about the group or upcoming Women’s Outings.

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