Black Hills residents, visitors able to “shred the gnar” and more as Terry Peak opens for the season

Skis Not In Use Lined Up Against A FenceLEAD, S.D. – This time last year looked way different for the Terry Peak Ski Area, as inconsistent conditions to make snow along with a lack of the natural product forced the mountain to open halfway through December.

“We didn’t even actually get open until December 15,” Marketing Director Linda Derosier explained. “So this season, with the early snow we’ve had in November, plus the cold temperatures, we’ve been able to make a lot of snow. Our opening is a lot earlier this year and we’re really excited about that.”

The mountain opened to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And even in those three days, Derosier is confident in another great season.

Starting next week, Terry Peak, she says, will be open daily for more time on the slopes.

Snowboarders Andrew Whartman and Christian Baird were stoked to be back. Both have a long history with snowboarding at the resort in Lead that goes back decades.

“Things have changed and now things are always progressively changing and they do such a good job here,” Baird said. “It’s so easy to come here. I love this place.” 

“Third day in a row,” Whartman said. “The snow is soft today. It’s beautiful outside. It was a great day to come up and have fun.”

Family was a strong theme among visitors, both chosen and not chosen, especially for skier Doug Bachand.

Bachand has been coming to ski for almost 10 years, and is grateful for the ski family he has, and the people that he makes part of that group.

“It is the best part– I don’t ever text anyone or get a hold of anyone before I come to Terry Peak,” he explained. “I just wait to run into them on the hill or the chairlift or make new friends along the way, and it has been fantastic.”

Of course, the families that do come with their kids have a great time, often finding ways to pass on their love of winter sports. Margaret and Marie were there with their kids doing just that, having gotten back into skiing themselves.

“I grew up here at Terry Peak,” Margaret explained. “I did not ski for quite a few years, and then I just decided to get back into it this year with our kids.”

“I think it is awesome. It is a great way to spend time outside and get them active and trying different things and spending time together as a family,” Marie added.

Close by Marie was her daughter Esther. This was Esther’s first time skiing, her mother said, and had similar sentiments. “I love it!”

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